How To Build A Professional Makeup Kit Effectively And Efficiently

Professional Make-up kit is defined as a kit which will never be enough no matter how much you invest. Market is filled with 100s of brands with 1000s of makeup products and I must say they are getting better and finer in every passing year.

If you want to setup your professional make-up kit then I am assuming you are a makeup artist who going to be working professionally.

There is a lot that can be discussed about Professional Makeup kit however in this article we will stick with the basics and categorize the kit with some brand recommendation that…

Bridal Makeup Trends evolving in 2021 post-pandemic

Makeup is 7000 years old art which has been evolving, changing and getting better over a period of time. Bridal Makeup has gone through tremendous changes and so has the techniques and makeup products in makeup industry. Everyone is trying out a style, experimenting a new color combination and to be honest that is the beauty of makeup, it never gets boring.

Although makeup is a personal affair, Sometimes events and occasions trigger a trend that everyone starts following. Professional makeup artists are expressing themselves more and setting up some amazing new bridal trends. 2021 is when things are expected…

Jobless as a Makeup Artist ? Please Read this!

Okay, I don’t judge but I am going to assume that if you are reading this article then somewhere your career as a makeup artist has not launched yet. You are probably struggling to get clients and things are not working out the way you expected, if yes then read on …

You may find 100s of articles telling you about the glamourous and glitzy world of Makeup Artistry and how it can change you entire life, Testimonials, advertisements, Makeup everywhere! Now you are wondering what the hell is going on with me, why things are not working out.


Can CBD Be Helpful In Sex Life?

It’s time to talk about CBD and sex.

And of course, we’d like to remind you again that blog posts are no substitute for medical advice, so we strongly suggest you make your healthcare decisions in consult with a professional!

There have been a lot of questions posed and studied about CBD’s ability to help folks reach climax or stay erect, and there are a lot of opposing viewpoints and findings. And there are a lot of promising findings that beg additional research.

Take a peek here for more info on this front.

But we want to talk about CBD…

Let’s first understand that not all sugars are of the same kind.

Secondly, any sugar in excess — be it from your cola or from your chikoos — can be bad.

Let’s take the example of your table sugar — essentially, “sucrose” made of glucose and fructose.

Your body has a limit to how much glucose and fructose it can digest.

So, unhealthy amount of glucose means high blood sugar. And an obscenely high amount means that it gets stored in the liver and converts to glycogen, which, if not utilised well by the organ (or in case of insulin…

It is true that sugar in fruits is different from processed sugar and that one cannot overeat fruits… but then you know how a mango slice can lead you to devilishly devouring one whole mango, and then two…

And then it’s the same story when you innocently bite into a juicy slice of fresh pineapple, a grape, a fig and so on.

Sticky situation, isn’t it?!

Especially, if you are a diabetic or you are watching your carb intake.

So be mindful about the portions and the Glycemic Index (GI) of the fruit you plan to eat.

The formula is…

7 Common Myths About HVAC Units

There are numerous myths and false beliefs out there concerning how heating and cooling systems work. Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate truths from myths, especially when you think you are saving money on bills. While many people don’t know how their HVAC systems work, knowing how your unit works is the best way to differentiate between the truth and the myths. Below are seven myths about HVAC systems that most people believe:

  1. HVAC unit maintenance is a waste of money
    Regular maintenance of your unit is essential for it to function correctly. Most people go to the dentist for…

All About Madisar Sari : History, Tradition and Significance

Tamils are extremely particular about their tradition, culture and values, There is one more thing that they are extremely particular and in a way it’s a legacy which goes beyond tradition but when you look at closely it’s scientific, logical and amazing.

Madisar or Koshavam or 9 Yard sari whatever you call it has a history dated back to 2nd century BC , Women have been wearing Madisar Sari for a reason and we will explore it in just a little bit.

What is difference between Beautician and Makeup Artist?

More than often we hear this from our clients getting confused or exchanging words of designation. They call Makeup artist as beautician or sometimes vice versa.

Let me get straight to it — Beautician is not a makeup artist, Makeup Artist is not a beautician.

They are both different like coffee and tea. You may feel surprised that it is actually rude to call a makeup artist a beautician. Let us take a look at the differences.

Oh my daughter has already done many bridal makeup, she is so bright she learnt everything on her own, why the hell she needs Makeup Artist Certification anyways?

Are you serious? You already have so 1000 of videos on YouTube why would you even need to learn makeup from some place

Oh my god ! do you even know how much it costs to learn Makeup from an academy, I don’t even understand why they charge so much, it’s just makeup!

I am sure more or less we have heard this or said it if you are anywhere close to…

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